December 28, 2018

Resolutions for Your Home

A new year means a fresh start and new beginnings for many people. Get ready for the New Year by making life easier on yourself, and what better way to start than with your home? From making extra space, to pristine cleanliness, to flower and vegetable gardens, start the New Year off right by having a plan in place to make the most of your home and the space you have.


Cleaning Charts

The best path to a clean house is to be organized along the way. Cleaning charts are a great place to start and prioritize what needs to be sprayed with the Pledge first. Our Marketing Director, Shalamar has a few roommates and she likes to have a couple charts around. A weekly chart for the small projects as well as a monthly check list for the bigger projects. This helps make sure everyone is helping keep the house in tip top shape- protecting her investment! Check out our favorites below.


Garden Planning

Spruce up those yards with new flower gardens and stock up the kitchen with delicious homegrown vegetables this year! Our Marketing Assistant , Sara, learned from her mother that a successful garden is a well planned garden. Herb, pizza vegetables, smoothie ingredients, and flower gardens are all great choices and make for a fulfilling outdoor activity for the warmer months. Don’t worry if you are a beginner because we found the perfect tips and guides to help you along your way. For a more detailed guide click here! And for flower gardens click here.

How to Grow a Salsa Garden

Tomatoes – choose meaty, full-flavored ones, such as Romas, San Marzanos, Amish Pastes, Beefsteaks, or Brandywines

Cilantro – plan to plant this every 2-3 weeks through the summer so you’re never without (it wilts quickly in the heat and can go to seed within days, so you’ll want a fresh supply). Cilantro actually grows well indoors!

Hot Peppers – plant a mix: jalapeños for sure, serranos or anaheims for heat and flavor, habañeros for extreme heat, and poblanos if you want to roast some of the peppers for a smoky note to your salsa

Spanish or White Onions – these can be planted either in the fall for overwintering, in the mid-spring, or along with all your other plants. They take much longer to germinate and grow to their full maturity, though, so an early planting is a good idea, if possible.

Garlic – this will need to overwinter, so plan to plant garlic in the fall.



A great resolution you can put in place is to keep your house organized and have a “home” for all of your things. Our Listing Coordinator, Leigha, is one of the most organized employees here at Vincent Properties. Her desk is always in tip top shape! Her smart use of office organizers and storage plays a big part in that. Let’s take a look back at our Smart Storage blog to learn more on how to organize!

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