November 27, 2018

Happy French Toast Day!


One of the most beloved breakfast foods in all it’s eggy, fried glory. Our gratitude goes to the person who thought of soaking bread in eggs and milk then throwing it in some hot oil to fry. Whether you refer to it as Eggy Bread, Bombay Toast, German Toast, Gypsy Toast, Poor Knights (of Windsor), Torrija, or as most of us know it, French Toast, we can all agree that it is a most delicious and anticipated part of breakfast! Is your mouth watering just thinking about it? Do you absolutely have to have some as soon as possible? Lucky for you we have the scoop on where to find the best of the best French Toast Breakfast in the High Country.



Sunny Rock Eggs and Things

(828) 414-9636 | 8146 Valley Blvd, Blowing Rock, NC 28605

One of the most raved about breakfast diners in Blowing Rock; even Carolina Panthers’ Luke Kuechly is a fan! They make an amazing Croissant French Toast that is guaranteed to please your taste buds! Or if you like some savory Eggy Bread, give the bacon encrusted, banana topped Elvis Presley a try! Click here to learn more!


Melanie’s Food Fantasy

(828) 263-0300 | 664 W King St, Boone, NC  28607

If you have never tried out this amazing diner in Boone then you’ve really been missing out! Their Stuffed French Toast is made with homemade bread and the freshest of ingredients (local whenever possible). Their original version is just as delicious if you like to keep things more on the simple side.

Click here to see their full menu!


Southern Comforts

(828) 295-7114 | 870 Main St, Blowing Rock, NC 28605

Let’s just go ahead and put this out there…breakfast served ALL DAY! And to top that off they have a whole menu section just for French Toast. Prepare those taste buds for a French Toast heaven! (Perhaps you LOVE Southern Comforts,

Click here to see their full menu!

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